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Month: May 2024

Is buying a new home shady on your budget? You have not saved enough to buy a new home. So, you have decided to rent a space. Which one do you prefer: a condo, apartment, or retail space for rent at Na Příkopě 33?

Living in a place you are not familiar with feels like you are an alien. You don’t know how to deal with the neighborhood and don’t know whether the people living around are friendly or they don’t mind a new resident. It is a usual feeling for people who have bought a house in a location where they have no such relatives or family. Renting a retail space is a good idea, but you need to know how good choosing it is.

What is a retail space?

Before renting a retail space, you need to know first what a retail space is. A retail space is a real property that is leased or occupied by a tenant in its business of selling real personal property to the public. It means that retail space is open to the public. Anyone who can afford to rent a retail space can have it in Na Příkopě 33.

Na Příkopě 33

Retail space versus commercial space

Business owners seeking a space to rent are looking at a retail lease or commercial lease. The most suitable type depends on the allowed use of the premises. There are distinctions between a retail lease and a commercial lease. Below will help you understand the differences between the two spaces for rent.

A retail space is where the sale of goods or services takes place, such as a shopping center.

A commercial space is used for the following business spaces:



       Office space

Best retail shopping space

When looking for a retail space, there are factors to consider. While you see the headlines about a more big-box retailer shutting the doors, more opportunities than you may think for physical retail. 78% of consumers choose to shop in-store based on the International Council of Shopping Centres. Consumers spend more time shopping in-store than on the retail website.

Indeed, numbers don’t lie. Consumers continually shop in stores. The statistics continued to make a strong case for physical retail. If you consider selling in-person you will want to ensure you decide with the consumers in mind, not only selecting a beautiful space in greater parts of the town.

The location of a store has an effective effect on whether you will experience development in the new storefront setting. So, make a strategic and thought-out decision. If you are unsure where to start, you have got covered here. Here is a list of the things to consider when looking for a physical space storefront.

       Creating a budget





       Your sanity

       Signing your lease



       Your sanity


40% of consumers preferred shopping in-store based on the 2022 SCB report. The customer experience is the top reason consumers would visit physical stores, although engaging with the product and preventing shipping costs influenced the factors as well.