Name: Vihren Mitev

Age: 32

Country: Bulgaria

Affiliations: Outreach Leader for Youth Acts 4 SDGs Campaign; ManEco Foundation, Earth Charter International Youth Leader 2018

Primary SDG Focus:1: End Poverty, 7: Affordable and Renewable Energy, 12: Responsible Consumption & Production & 13: Climate Action

About Vihren

Vihren is a PhD candidate studying Philosophical Anthropology at Sofia University- St. Kliment Ohridski and the founder of ManEco Foundation, a newly formed NGO dedicated to sustainable development by preserving the ecological environment. A vibrant activist for the preservation of the planet, Vihren also penned the Ecological Manifesto that serves as the moral compass for his NGO. Vihren joined the Youth Acts 4 SDGs campaign to coordinate community presentations, organize peer to peer exchanges, showcase youth perspectives and coordinate others in his region.

Perspective on the SDGs

It is my passion to work in the field of environmental protection, fight against climate change, and mobilize for recycling.”

Education, Empowerment, Action

Vihren began his outreach leader position by coordinating a community screening of the environmentally conscious movie Guardians of the Earth by Filip Malinowski in honor of the day of global action for the SDGs (25 September). The event was sponsored by ManEco Foundation on 26 September at Vlaykova cinema located in Sofia, Bulgaria and aimed to form a network with ecological organizations, raise public awarness and continue the Model United Nations excercise that replicates the COP21 conference discussed in the movie. Two facilitators engaged in dialogue with 28 people about the link of the movie to the SDGs, with particular focus on SDGs 1,7,12 and 13.

The movie screening is a part of larger aims that Vihren is refining as an outreach leader. Currently, Vihren is preparing to attend the training on 5 November that is provided through EOTO World and shortly thereafter, defending his dissertation topic of the concept of personality within anthropological lens of personality.

We will continue to update you on Vihren’s journey and ways you can show your support! You can also connect with Vihren via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.