Name: Lila Behr

Age: 19

Country: Costa Rica

Affiliations: Outreach Leader for Youth Acts 4 SDGs Campaign; Gaia Protection

Primary SDG Focus: 2: Zero Hunger, 13: Climate Action & 4: Quality Education

About Lila

Lila is an activist using her talents in the arts to educate communities about sustainable development. Her passion for sustainable development began after visiting a plastic covered beach during her travels in Indonesia, after which, she became committed to environmental protection and human beings. Lila is the founder of Gaia Protection, an international movement with 9 principles based on the SDGs that connects NGOs, projects and individuals working toward a more sustainable future. Lila helps facilitate projects including workshops and training on plastic recycling machines in Costa Rica and hosting environmental day events in Germany with topics like organic agriculture principles, climate change, biodiversity, water and plastic pollution.

Perspective on the SDGs:

We are clearly facing global changes and our current human activity is altering the course of the Earth’s long-term sustainability. Preserving the environment and ensuring our planet’s longevity as a healthy place for humanity’s continued evolution is our shared responsibility. Eco-friendly decision-making and behaviors are conscious choices we make every day. Therefore, for me, sustainability means consciousness. My aim is to help our society to develop as a more environmentally conscious community in which we can live in harmony with nature and all human beings.

Every person, community and business, plays a role in preserving our one and only planet.

Our future generations are facing big challenges regarding global warming, over population and the lack of basic resources such as clean drinking water, food and shelter. This is why I want to spend my life empowering all generations to be the change we want to see in the future.

Will we be the generation that finally creates a more sustainable future? Or will we stick to the failures of the past? We now have the choice to evolve and through globalization we also have the opportunity to work towards a more peaceful and conscious world. Because every small project matters and the behavior of an individual makes a difference, I aim to work with communities through sustainable education to protect the planet.

We should all join together, inspire each other and learn from one and another.

Let’s unite for a more sustainable future and the fulfillment of the agenda 2030.”

Education, Empowerment, Action:

As an outreach leader, Lila serves as a peer to peer educator and advocate for the fulfillment of the SDGs. During her recent travels throughout South-East Asia, Lila stopped by a secondary school to educate students about the SDGs and its importance. For approximately 40 minutes, a total of 94 students learned about the SDGs! Students held extensive discussion about the amount of plastics, the harm it is doing to the planet and how they can take action to slow down and ultimately get rid of plastic use.

Additionally, Lila is working on multiple activities throughout the campaign including:

  • Dialogue with sustainable development influencers and educators
  • Capturing inspiring moments connected to the SDGs
  • Amplifying youth concerns as an advocate for SDG completion

Follow along with Lila’s journey as it is shared throughout the campaign social media mentions as well as a summary of work done on this profile page!