Our strategic work to build youth capacity for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) includes mobilizing youth as outreach leaders and amplifying youth perspectives to raise awareness about the global goals. Outreach leaders receive training about the SDGs and choose a project to do in addition to any community work they are already doing. We provide 3-4 months of consultation to outreach leaders on their SDG projects and amplify their actions alongside partners during each cycle of the campaign.Click on each youth name to learn more about how they are impacting the SDGs.

Cycle I Outreach Leaders: August 2018- March 2019

Lila Behr, Costa Rica/Germany

Lila is working on a number of projects to educate youth about the SDGs, expand advocacy for the goals and spur innovation that solves one of the most pressing issues on the planet.




Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze, Burundi

Pledging 100,000 trees, Emmanuel is working to green his homeland to improve the state of the soil and climate.





Vihren Mitev, Bulgaria

Vihren is building a network extension of climate activists working to preserve the ecosystems of the Earth. Vihren facilitates discussions with peers across disciplines to take action.