EOTO World project volunteers compliment the work of staff and interns with short volunteer tenures typically lasting up to 3 weeks. Most project volunteers contribute to the work of the organization and are managed through our affiliations with micro-volunteering companies or select service grants. Project volunteers that directly respond to a call to action from the organization are typically contracted for a specific task and are the first to be notified of additional opportunities to advance their professional trajectory with the organization.

Project Volunteers FY 2018-2019

Sparked Volunteers (International): Ongoing group of volunteers from across the globe with entry level to highly skilled professional ability that respond to select requests for projects involving social media, education, video & editing, mobile technology and website design.

Taproot Volunteers (United States): Ongoing group of highly skilled professionals that apply to perform business consulting and 4-6 weeks of project work in areas of finance, strategy, marketing and human resources.

Lila Behr,Germany/Costa Rica

Vihren Mitev, Bulgaria

Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze, Burundi