Julieta Campos has been a practicing lawyer in her native Argentina for more than a decade. She serves clients as well as provides consultations in international, private and public law.

Campos has a strong passion and commitment to influencing people toward a view of the inherent dignity and equality of all people, having organized and assisted projects throughout Argentina that facilitate dialogue and resources for social causes.

Campos started her career at the courthouse in her home town Mar del Plata, and then branched out to become involved with human rights, international law and a culture of peace. While still a university student, Campos participated in several human rights investigations as well as was taught Human Rights courses as an Assistant Professor.  She is the recipient of several accolades, including the coveted TMC Asser Institute and International Court of Justice scholarships for international law.

Campos has been active in civil society as a volunteer since 2005, when she began promoting a culture of peace to local community groups that developed new life skills. She also created a weekly radio broadcast known as Accion Emprender that built a strong following of women entrepreneurs before its close in 2017.

In 2016, Campos became a Mental Health Worker and is currently finishing a Social Psychology Masters degree. Campos anticipates continuing her activism for human and social rights that many communities within Argentina experience.  

Specializations: Humanitarian law, International law, Culture of Peace, Entrepreneurship