Jaïdat Ali Djaé is a young Jurist, specialized in Economic and International Law. Born in Comoros in East Africa,  Jaïdat grew up in France and currently lives in the United States. Passionate about Human Rights and Humanitarian Law she is interested in every activity related to the promotion and protection of human rights.

While still a university student, Jaïdat participated in the organization of a student festival to raise awareness about racism and discrimination.  She also fought for few years as a student union activist to protect her fellow students’ rights. Soon after graduating from her master’s programme in Global Governance Studies, Jaïdat worked for the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs in New York, where she attended various meetings on subjects such as International Criminal Law and sexual violence in armed conflicts. 
In 2017, Jaïdat worked for the French National Commission on Human Rights within the Fundamental Freedoms and Rule of Law subcommittee. While working at the Commission she worked on a legal opinion regarding the protection of human rights during state emergency and led in collaboration with the Commission’s President a project on the rights of people deprived of liberty.
Specializations: International Law, Human Rights Law, Political Science.