• Quick Update 19 May 2020:

We are finalizing plans for the upcoming fiscal year and reflecting on operations to share with you an overview of what has been accomplished.

Please note our org status as temporarily closed. You’re always welcome to continue to interact among our mediums with other activists.

We hope all of you are staying safe and using this time to take the self-care required under immense pressure during this pandemic. If you have some good tips on how you’ve been able to manage well, please feel free to share them on our social pages.

Be encouraged, this too shall pass!

  • Activism precaution in the midst of COVID-19 (13 March 2020):

Thank you all for your patience and good cheers as the EOTO World team gets back to our work following an extended hiatus for self-care. We are advocates of practicing what we preach and took the necessary steps to secure our individual well-being so that we can be fully present in the work that is to come.

As you may well be aware, this is a time of global pandemic with the COVID-19 aka novel coronavirus causing a significant health threat around the world. Human rights work doesn’t stop when such world events happen and as such, it is likely that many of you are carrying on in the vital service that amplifies the rights of others, safeguard against human rights violations, provide relief and advocacy for those experiencing poverty as well as spread messages of practical peace to quell fears. Thank you for all you are doing, from educating the masses to direct action.

It is just as imperative that each of you remain as safe as reasonably possible, taking precautions as necessary and helping others understand to do the same. Each one, teach one. Many countries are taking measures that we encourage you to adhere to, using sound judgment with reputable sources.

For ongoing updates about COVID-19, including but not limited to: current research, country & technical guidance, media briefs and personal care measures, visit the WHO website.

We look forward to re-connecting with partners, outreach leaders and collaborators in the coming weeks as well as opening a call to action for those looking to contribute to our workforce as our initiatives re-start.

  • EOTO World Team Announcement (18 September 2020):
    “Never give from the depths of your well, but from your overflow”- Rumi

Our team has needed a longer time for self-care than our regularly scheduled organization downtime that ended 31 August. We have endured in our personal lives what many activists also endure: more intense salaried work lives (recall, we all volunteer our time to do the vital work of EOTO World, so we juggle more than one responsibility as professionals), illnesses, hospitalizations and family death. These things always come at the worse time, and sometimes taking a lengthy break from what is your normal routine is necessary.

Transparency is important, so we want to be clear on gradual re-engagement to the work we’ve been known for that will happen. We appreciate your graciousness with our all-volunteer team and will take the time necessary for a bit longer to do the things we’ve always encouraged you to do: Self-care.

We’re still in this with you and look forward to returning with some light updates with the organization before the holidays.

  • Youth Acts 4 SDGs Cycle I Closed (August 2018- March 2019): Cycle II TBA  

Cycle I of the Youth Acts 4 SDGs initiative which provides education, training and consulting for youth activists working on fulfilling the SDGs is complete. A full report of activities will be provided for public review.