Last year, POP TV sessions took an intimate look at the theme: Creating a global consciousness of peace  through innovative ways to end poverty and promote quality education. Here are some highlights from the topics:

  • Ending poverty is a fundamental base for effective peacebuilding
  • There is no single approach to end poverty, a multidimensional approach is best, centering the voices of those most vulnerable
  • Public policies to end poverty should take an empowerment/shared control approach to be effective in building systemic change in local communities
  • Development to end poverty should include systems to support the maintenance of economic and social progress
  • Global education is both a process and a concept that can help people connect the personal to the global
  • Formal education provides standardized structure to curriculum and informal education focuses on experiences and is not necessarily professionalized
  • Educating for a culture of peace should start in the early years of development but be supported throughout the life span
  • Inclusive schools is not just about students with disabilities, but expanding the classroom experience to include students of different economic realities, bringing the classroom to them so that education is accessible for all
  • Education for a culture of peace should focus on building competencies in open dialogue, conflict resolution, building consensus and non-violent action in the context of advancing economic and social development that reduces inequalities and incorporating the needs of all peoples to thrive

One of our guests on POP TV was our long-standing partner Earth Charter International. Christine Lacayo, Youth Projects Coordinator for the Earth Charter Initiative Youth Network, provided guidance about using the Earth Charter in quality informal education. Check out the article provided by Christine about her participation in the session here.

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