EOTO World partners with Kids for Peace in their global #DoItForPeace experiment to raise awareness about peace to 1 Billion people in 10 days to ignite discussions and actions for peace.

There are a number of ways every day people can join the experiment to uplift the ideals of creating peace, in all its ways. We suggest you start small to get comfortable and then challenge yourself with more.

You can:

  • Give to others
  • Care for Animals
  • Clean your environment
  • Share peace messages
  • Advocate for peace policy
  • Teach peace

And so much more. For a full list of ideas, visit the Acts of Peace page. We would love to learn about your peace acts, reactions and connection with others during the experiment, send us a message on social media or to our email and we’ll re-share! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #DoItForPeace!


What will you do for peace?