George participated in a presentation about how college student leaders can maximize their activist potential to aid in the fight to eradicate poverty.

George shared with us his sentiments:

“Upon entering the room there was a charismatic, jubilant women with a projector, pointing to a wide space in the student lounge where the EOTO workshop was taking place. My interest was peaked when Elischia Fludd, the workshop instructor, started speaking about the Millennium Development Goals and the synergism of this lofty ambition.

We learned how each and every one of the Millennium Development Goals are in fact connected to one another and how those links in that invisible thread could be unwoven to illustrate each goal for what they were. All of the Millennium Development Goals are connected to one another because the aim is to enrich and empower the lives of all those whose voice is muted and disregarded simply because of the socio-economic stratum they were born into.

The workshop did leave me with a sense of excitement but also with some doubts about ability of the United Nations to implement programs that would meet the requirements of fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals. Whereas the organization can have umbrella programs that help it achieve their desired ambitions, there are many sovereign nations with the intent to maintain the status quo. The result of maintaining the status quo is a deterrent to quantifiable change in the lives of the very citizens nations are meant to serve.

After the workshop I thought, how can a college student change the world when the world is in a constant state of quarrel and discordance? When I think about the issues at hand, the reactors of change are those whose noble ideals are spoken to demand and work to implement change. Change cannot occur without agitation, and that act cannot occur without a will for justice and equality for all regardless of creed, nationality, ethnicity and socio-economic status.

I now believe that through dialogue and understanding the world we want will come into fruition and by the complimentary actions we take to eradicate poverty. We must keep the lines of communication open to engage citizens and amplify voices that are not well understood.”