Adelmoaty was an active youth leader in his country that leveraged our collaborative capacity building initiative for Rio+20 to develop skills to that he used to complete a primary education campaign.
Abdelmoaty shared with us his experience:
“My name is Abdelmoaty Taher. I am 18 years old, from Cairo, Egypt. I became a capacity building Outreach Coordinator in November 2011, working with EOTO World to increase the awareness of youth under 30 about Rio+20, the biggest conference ever that was held in June 2012.
My team and I held forums in schools to talk to children and had conferences with NGOs. Together, we spread awareness to more than 2,000 Egyptian youth on the importance of Rio+20 and how they can take action. We received amazing reactions from students in the schools. For instance, one 10 year old girl expressed her sentiment to leaders in this way, “because you don’t care for us…stop polluting! We need to be able to breathe clean air and become educated.”
Our message spread faster than we expected! My team and I began to hold sessions for up to 200 youth and we still did not have enough room to accommodate everyone. The youth began to spread their message to family, friends and neighbors by using the Rio+20 toolkits, related videos and by even conducting their own searches about Rio+20 on the internet.
Outcomes of our work:
  • Youth between ages 11-25 years old became aware of the Earth Summit
  • Youth learned how to start their own movements to protect the planet
  • Youth gained a deeper respect for how the Earth is generous to us and how we have to treat it.
Each of the Outreach Coordinators and Focal Points did a great job working together to get these outreach activities underway. We were able to teach many people about our Earth and how they can keep it as safe and healthy as they can. I am sure that we have helped people to change their ways of thinking about the Earth and sustainable development.
The past 6 months that I spent with a very cooperative and hard working team made me see my own life with new eyes, just as the Egyptian revolution opened the eyes of my people. Since volunteering, I’ve decided to continue to take action for the Earth as much as I can. I think my message to the world is to be an Earth saver, I’m on my way to the future I want. What about you? Join me in saving the Earth!”