John has two-decades of varied experience as a human rights educator who integrates sustainable development in his work. Well versed in the intersections that affect and overlap with human rights and sustainable development, John has contributed to a number of UN processes, including the 2016 selection process for the UN Secretary General. He has served in such entities as the Center for Excellence for Sustainable Development as well as a subject matter expert for the government of India in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, where he consulted on a range of issues for small to medium sized businesses such as e-commerce, corporate responsibility, market regulation, corporate law and governance. Additionally, John serves as a university professor, mentor, writer, and researcher for human rights, sustainable development, business, and finance for local, regional and international entities. An avid learner, John is certified in several areas, including human resources, security and information technology, finance and digital marketing. He holds three graduate degrees from Pondicherry University in Business, Sociology and Human Rights and Disaster Management and an undergraduate degree in Arts and Humanities from the University of Kerala.