Notice of EOTO World Dissolution Process

As of 24 May 2021:

To our beloved EOTO World community of activists, advocates, donors, friends, collaborators and partners,

After careful, extensive consideration, we are writing to inform you that the organization has commenced a process to dissolve. Though we are saddened to formally end the operations of EOTO World, we are committed to completing a dissolution process that respects the intent of the organizational strategic plans. We are united in preserving the legacy of the EOTO World spirit, ethos, and body of collaborative work as a guide for others to adapt as they see fit to advance the work to make the world a more inclusive, just, sustainable, and equitable place for all.

The movement of human rights, peace, and sustainable development is vast, complex, and ever evolving. The needs of today’s activists are even more vital than when we started ten years ago, especially after the development of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. For this reason, we are careful to ensure that resources we have created, collaborated on, as well as the distribution of our assets are made available through appropriate measures. We are foremost concerned with building your expectations of our process as well as being transparent about how we arrived at the difficult decision to dissolve, so we will take a moment to share further.

Decision Making Process

Like many organizations, EOTO World has had to continually pivot during the pandemic, made even more challenging with a 100% volunteer run structure of people operating from different parts of the world that experience the pandemic with alternating levels of severity. EOTO World has maintained a people-first internal culture, and we have worked to maintain operations for the past few years despite strategically slowing down. The hope was that another slow down in operations would allow us to recoup enough to come back with robust operational support. At this time, we no longer feel confident that the strong pipeline of services can be sustained past several months into the upcoming fiscal year, thus leading the board to a very difficult decision. The board was able to gain the legal minimum members required to make a dissolution decision when the president emeritus resigned her advisory position to re-join the board. After additional careful scrutiny, the board unanimously agreed that dissolution is the best course of action.

Therefore, the dissolution process is as follows:

Effective Immediately

The organization will cease operations to further the mission. The only operations permitted are exclusively to wind down, and permanently close out all business of the organization. On our websites, a conspicuous notification of dissolution will be made, and the donation button will be removed. All links to forms to collaborate with the organization will be deactivated. If you have already filled out a form to work with us, please accept our gratitude for thinking of us, and sign up for the newsletter to receive final updates as the organization final acts of business take place with notice to the public. Our fiscal sponsor organization, Creative Visions Foundation, will retain any funds raised from our website, for which we are happy for them to oversee since we have had a longstanding strong relationship with them. We are confident that they will use such funds to further support creative activism led by people with similar values.

Over the next few weeks

We find it fitting to celebrate our decade long existence, and recap how we worked with many to achieve the impact that is still affecting lives today. A comment form, FOUND HERE, will go up on all official communication channels for the public to share any parting wishes and/or experiences that they feel helped to shape their activism, outlook, and/or behavior about human rights, a culture of peace, and/or sustainable development. Comments from the form will be displayed within a 10-year impact report, which will highlight our journey from start to finish, spotlighting initiatives, collaborations, partnerships, success stories, and lessons learned. Our resources will be made available for the public good to adapt in a fashion that maintains the EOTO World spirit, ethos, and solidarity stance with a more just, inclusive, sustainable and equitable world for all. The main website and the POP portal, as well as all official channels of communication will close down with a final farewell message. EOTO World will maintain “alumni project” status on Creative Visions Foundation website, after closing down all other business and providing them with the appropriate documentation attesting to such. A final message to the email list will take place to share where resources can be accessed for free. In its last act of winding down, the organization virtual office will permanently close.

Though this is a bittersweet journey, we are comforted that we are moving forward in a way that honors all of you, the movements we affect, and the needs of the organization while we are best situated to do so. Thank you for being on the journey with us.

In solidarity,

EOTO World Team