Mission: EOTO World strengthens the skills of human rights activists to assist the work toward global poverty eradication and promote a culture of peace.

Vision: We want to normalize quality of life inspired by a culture of peace, human rights and economic sufficiency.

Our Story

EOTO World began as a blogging project of long-time human rights activist Elischia Fludd in 2009 to amplify global human rights activist perspectives and collaborate with activists to implement practical, nuanced solutions to human rights concerns. The blog was the intended result of Fludd’s City University of New York Institute of Virtual Enterprise (CUNY IVE) fundraising project to attend her second United Nations Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO) forum for human rights workers from around the world, hosted by the former UNESCO Chair of the University of Connecticut. The successful fundraising campaign allowed Fludd to travel to Kigali, Rwanda and gather perspectives from her peers across the human rights field, which overwhelmingly highlighted the epidemic of poverty and the inability of societies to live in peace.

As a result of the forum, Fludd recognized that human rights activists need to be empowered with affordable access to resources that:

a) make their work more effective,

b) have safe spaces to learn and network toward solutions to end global poverty and

c) build and inspire peace via practical methods tailored for their communities to continue independently.

Upon her return from Rwanda, in 2010, Fludd transformed EOTO World into an internationally driven nonprofit that would provide affordable, accessible, capacity building services for human rights activists interested in dismantling poverty and peace building. Within four months, EOTO World became fiscally sponsored by Creative Visions Foundation, a nonprofit that supports creative activists using arts, media and technology to positively change the world.

About Our Fiscal Sponsorship Status

According to the National Council of Nonprofits:

Using a fiscal sponsorship arrangement offers a way for a cause to attract donors even when it is not yet recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). In essence the fiscal sponsor serves as the administrative “home” of the cause. Charitable contributions are given to the fiscal sponsor, which then grants them to support the cause.

EOTO World has an independent fiscal sponsor agreement with Creative Visions Foundation and is registered as “Other Nonprofit” under the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Our Approach

We facilitate safe learning spaces online and off that youth can use to connect and learn how to incorporate the culture of peace within the quest to eradicate the factors that cause global poverty. We focus on teaching tools, amplifying activist voices, enhancing activist methods and sharing resources for anti-poverty and peace activists to use to increase their efficiency and effectiveness in combating the factors that cause poverty and empower a culture of peace.

The erosion of universal human rights contributes to poverty and impedes peace. Therefore, our approach integrates support for universal human rights as the foundation of a comprehensive model to sustain a shared humanity.