We believe in the power that youth already use to change the world. The United Nations estimate of global youth ages 10-24 totals 1.8 billion (World Youth Report, 2005). Around the world, youth are active in politics, tech savvy advocates for change, innovative entrepreneurs and the leaders of today. In some spaces, the age of youth can extend up to 35. Regardless of the age range, youth are a significant population to work with; the possibilities are great and the stakes are high.

In 2000, the United Nations created the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to begin reducing extreme global poverty by 2015 but not all of the 8 goals were completed. The MDGs were a good starting point for the international community to begin reducing the factors that contribute to poverty. EOTO World agrees with the framework of the MDGs and supports the on-going work of the international community to evolve the MDGs in the quest to eradicate poverty. Youth are both affected by poverty and are the greatest asset to combat it.

Along with the work to eradicate poverty, we recognize that a culture of peace is important to work toward simultaneously. The United Nations recognized a need for a culture of peace with 8 beliefs that: prioritize sustainable development, respect for all human rights, equality of women, fostering understanding, cultural diversity, democratic principles and solidarity, defending freedom of expression, the rule of law, and the practice of active non-violence.

By educating activists about international progress toward ending poverty, working with youth to engage sectors of society toward change and providing peace education as a way to build effective activism, we hope to build and maintain a stronger, inclusive path toward systemic change.